International Organ Festival Lublin - Czuby

The 2014 edition: June-October

The International Organ Festival Lublin-Czuby started in the autumn of 1995, when Jerzy Kulka and Father Ryszard Jurak went to Munich to collect a priceless and unique instrument – a present for the city. The generous gift was installed in the Holy Family Church in Czuby, Lublin. The pipe organ permits the execution of every piece of music, from renaissance to contemporary compositions, including the repertoire of Italian, German, and French masters. The tradition of organ concerts was created by the parish priest, who persuaded a famous concert manager, Robert Grudzień, to help organise the events. On summer days, the church resounds with the finest organ music played by outstanding virtuosos form all over the world.

Organizers: the Holy Family Parish, Nicolas Foundation in Radom – Lublin branch

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